Monday, 12 March 2018

Almost a year... fuck!

So it has been a very long time and a lot of shit has happened, im back in Norway and finally im getting to be able to paint again. My last job was a little overwhelming so I made de the mistake of stepping a little away from my painting projects and from any other project I had in mind. So I quitted and travelled to the other side of the world to be with my wife and start a more productive and healthy life, I got like a million pounds too, so now im trying to loose some weight and taking this time to paint a much a posible and get into it again, so here is some of the stuff im working with right now. Its mixed media over canvases.

This has been the work I have been doing from mid February 2018 to this day, I hope you like it. IÇ will be posting more often from now on!



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mazinger y sus cosas

Hello my beloved ones, it has been almost 6 months since my last post, I have been very bussy, a show a couple of new projects and so on.  so today im posting a painting i finished a couple of weeks ago and this guy loved it. here it is is a mashup from my childhood with Mazinger Z, Mickey Mouse Skeletor and a very ver high Astro boy. or something like that.

It is my frist black and white painting it was a real challenge made with pieces of paper and nice acrilyc paint, some ink and love a lot of love... shit i always like to use cartoon characters they get me in a good mood..

Well Enjoy.


Mr.Adolfito 2017

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


So i have come to a point where I need to evolve, so im trying to focus in my character development, here is some examples of what i have been working with there is some of my normal shite and some new stuff im doing, i super want to take some pictures of my sketchbooks to see what i have been doing.


here some of the pictures

Totally Out of Practise

So today I got exited and started posting again , it has been something like 7 months since my last post, and that totally sucks. I have been trying to keep studio active, but i must admit my Job is getting almost all my time. But well another year is coming to an end and i have so many plans for the next one, first of all im going out of my daily job, i have been saving some cash and moving around to get some gallry attention and im working in my portfolio for showing to more galleries and interested people. So yeah im going all out with this, cus i turned 40 this year and its time for this to get serious.  Im buying some equipment and i have plans to open a Graphic studio for teach and give workshops to all interested people in carving and printig process that exactly why im learning silkscreen printing. that one of my first goals, after that im all into inviting artists to general chats and courses trying to grow a community in the place im linving, its a very posh surrealistic area in the north of mexico so it has some posibility.

so here ya go ill post pictures of my studio as it is today with some work in progress for not post a jut text post.

here are some nice pics.

there you go a lot of pictures for your enjoyment and satisfaction, im adding some of my booklets very soon.  kisses and hugs


Mr.Adolfito 2016


Noche cometa is an Auction/show by Galeria Mexico Local for support the Red Cross, 
here is some pictures of the piece im showing and auctioning.




My beloved and faithful fans, after seven full months of not posting a shit in this blog im back, I am quite stupid leaving this here with no activity, this blog is old enough to be a nice place to visit and fin a lot of stuff and as my life permit it i will post here more often, im finally getting to learn some new shite, skill printing has become my new project and soon my t-shirts will be all around, im posting here today my course of silkscreen printing, some pictures of it at least, it was interesting a lot of theory explaining the reason of many things.

here is some of the process (I am not the one in the pictures, its the teacher Razor Master Printer Luis Lizaola)

see you all in the next post
Love you 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016



 It has been a good year i have not been able to post as always, but this time i have good news the first one is that I have a show on the 13 of April and the other one is that im working in some digital stuff ill be showing you in a couple of weeks.  Kisses and don't despair I post every time i have a second to do it.

kisses Mr.Adolfito

Monday, 28 December 2015


My beloved fans and clients, this has been a slow year, I have been trapped in a futurless job  and i have been super slow in my work. Im planning great things for next year so im posting here the last stuff Ive been working with. I have been focusing in learning new techniques this year i got to work with wood and printing witch is awesome.

here is some of the results.

this one was created for prctising with details and random shapes.

this one was the one for experimenting with other kind of textures and tools. 

and this one was a fun try for patterns, its actually quite dificult .

I need to make clear that im using this free mockup of a framed painting cus i foud  some of my pieces in a poster store. so I decided to mockup them to protect them a little. 

other than this stuff i have a couple of big paintings on the work right now they are going to be done soon and probably wil lstart the 2016 psoting the results something arround the 10th of January

Well i wish everyone a nice new year, remeber to party hardcore and to be as politicly incorrect as posible.


Kisses and hugs